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About Us

I wanted to create a place where craft is respected and to showcase the freshness of our produce and food that we prepare in-house.


It is all about sharing my passion for good food to my family, friends and my fellow diners.”

Chef-Owner, Terence Chuah


About Us

South Union Park is a 50 seater casual dining bistro located in a quaint and quiet private estate in the east. Passionate about all things handmade, the restaurant focuses on the three main elements of delicious food: taste, quality, and freshness of ingredients.

Featuring a constantly revolving menu, South Union Park aims to achieve a fine balance in keeping its food affordable and accessible to all.


All Time Favorites





All meal times will be capped at 75 minutes during peak hours.

Make a Reservation @ South Union Park

Our Reservation Policy

Reserve Directly with us

As much as we would like to seat you, our restaurants may get a little busy during peak hours. 

When making reservations during our peak hours, we would try our best to seat our guests as soon as a table is available. 
Please be patient with us as some waiting time may be observed.

You may visit our sister restaurants, Eleven Strands in Serangoon 94871398 or Mia in Bukit Timah 83323361 if the slots that you wish to book is fully booked

We understand that there may be various third-party reservation platforms available in the market, but we want to make it clear that we do not accept reservations made through any of these platforms.

By making a reservation directly with us, you can rest assured knowing that you will be personally attended to by our dedicated team.

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